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Mission Viejo sits in Southern Orange County and is recognized for its tree-lined streets as well as being the safest city in America. That's all good news for consumers shopping for car insurance. A relatively safe place means that rates stay stable or are lower than high-auto-theft areas.

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Safety Comes with A Price Tag

Mission Viejo has a high standard of living and carries a sizable cost for housing and taxes.

Many residents like nicer cars, as a result. Luxury cars often cost more to fix, and to replace. That increases the costs of insurance, not only for the individual with the higher-cost car but for everyone in the community.

The reason is simple. If you are going to drive here, if you cause an accident, the insurance companies need to make sure you are covered to pay damages for higher-ticket vehicles. California, however, allows you to prove your ability to pay liability insurance in several ways.

Proving Liability Coverage in California

If you're going to drive in Mission Viejo, you'll at least need the minimum liability limits required in the state of California.

  1. Liability pays for death and injuries that you cause.
  2. California law requires you to prove liability coverage in order to register your car.
  3. Minimum 15,000 dollars coverage for death or injury of one person.
  4. Minimum 30,000 dollars to pay for injury or death of more than one person. The victims would have to share that money.
  5. Property damage minimum is set at 5,000 dollars for what you cause to other people's property.
  6. Carry your insurance card in your car. It is proof of liability coverage, so long as you have purchased such insurance.

California is one of the states in which you may put $35,000 on account with the California Department of Motor Vehicles in lieu of such insurance.

In addition, there are options to buy bonds. However, you choose to approach liability coverage, always be sure you have proof in your car of your insurance, bond, or self-insurance.

Covering Your Assets

Beyond needing to pay out something to those you harm, you need to protect your assets when buying liability insurance.

The minimum insurance coverage of $15,000 for the first individual, or $30,000 split among all killed and injured is a pittance. If you were the victim, you would probably sue. If you have money, property, and anything worth protecting, then it's best to buy more than the minimum insurance.

The purpose of insurance companies is to provide legal protection if you are the one guilty of harming others.

It takes away a degree of personal responsibility and hands it over to the insurer. The reason this is important is because people who lose loved ones or sustain injuries are likely to sue.

Safe Driving Saves Lives And Money

In every community, there are individuals who have a need for speed, or otherwise are risk takers. Some take a risk every time they party and get behind the wheel of a car. If you drink and drive, you are increasing your chances of killing yourself or other people.

Statistics show that the total cost to society is nearly $871 billion.

Of that amount, more than $242 billion in 2013 was spent on alcohol-impaired driving. It cost more than $210 billion to cover speeding injuries and deaths.

It's worth noting that safe driving is the best policy. It will save lives and money on your insurance policy. Safe driving includes following traffic laws, and not driving drunk or under the influence of drugs.

If you do, there are many horrible consequences beyond the morality and guilt issues. Insurance may cancel and the state requires a hard path to regain the privilege to drive. Not to mention, insurance rates skyrocket if you prove yourself a dangerous driver.

Protecting Yourself

Another area of insurance to consider when buying insurance has to do with protecting yourself from other drivers. One way to do this is by buying uninsured and underinsured motorist and property damage coverage. It is not required by law but an excellent line of coverage to consider.

If insured are injured or your property damaged by an uninsured or underinsured driver, this line of coverage steps into play. It takes the burden off of you but is paid by another aspect of your policy.

Understanding Collision and Comprehensive

When consumers shop for insurance they often confuse collision and comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive takes car of such things as theft while collision covers damages from accidents.

It is important to note here that you may need additional coverage to pay for the objects you carry in your car.

For instance, if you have expensive electronics, such as televisions, GPS, a nice radio, and even expensive speakers and a stereo, an addendum is helpful.

A policy without such a rider may not cover expensive items. This is one time it is important to read the policy. Make sure you understand all that you are buying before signing for a new insurance policy.

Comparing Costs of Insurance

When you are buying an insurance policy you have to come up with the money for the premium every time you renew. Saving money on the premium while nabbing a quality insurance provider is the key.

  • Check for high consumer ratings
  • Look for consumer complaints
  • Seek out insurers with high credit ratings
  • Find the most competitive premiums.

Cut costs further by:

  • Buying multiple insurance policies from the same carrier
  • Paying your policy premiums at one time, to save on installment costs
  • Taking safe driving classes
  • Ensuring good student discounts are given where they apply
  • Get on-board monitoring systems or an alarm system to save more.

Learning about the nuances of car insurance helps in buying the right coverage. Comparing quotes makes it easier to ensure you get the insurance you need for the best price.

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